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The Metaline Falls Railroad (MFR) is a proto-freelanced model railroad based on the Pend Oreille Valley Railroad located in northern Idaho and north eastern Washington State. For the very latest on the layout, please visit my YouTube channel and follow along with my Instagram account.

Thursday, October 11, 2018

A Needle in a Swap Meet

This past weekend I attended a local model railroad swap meet. My kid was really excited to attend but I warned her that it wasn't going to be a big show with display layouts or anything like that.  That didn't seem to deter her excitement. (I think she was just excited to do something with me.)

The show was as expected. Small and featuring mostly overpriced "blue box" equipment and sketchy looking Proto 2000 locomotives. Nothing I really found interesting unfortunately. One issue I find with modeling such a specific location and era is that my "shopping list" is so particular that finding something I could use at a swap meet is like finding a needle in a... well, swap meet.

I was able to pick up a few vehicles though. I haven't purchased many of those up to this point so it was cool to grab a few.  My kid even helped me pick one out. (I think she made a good choice)

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