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Monday, October 24, 2011

Track Plan #2

Alrighty, this is pretty close to the final track plan for the MFTR. (EDIT: Turns out it wasn't even close.)
A larger version can be viewed here

A typical operation session would unfold as follows:

The local switcher starts its day by heading towards Newport (staging) to collect cars destined for industries on the layout.  
The cars are then sorted on the storage tracks and readied for distribution.
Loaded Cement hoppers are replaced with empties at the Cement Production Facility.
The switcher then performs a run around maneuver to set up the paper and pulpwood cars for delivery on facing-point sidings.
Loaded boxcars and empty pulpwood cars are delivered to the appropriate industries.
Cars destined for Newport (staging) are then collected and shoved down the mainline towards its destination.

Industries typically receive the following cars per operating session:
Cement Factory: 4-6 2-Bay Covered Hoppers
Papery Recycling Facility: 0-1 50' Boxcar
Pulpwood Facility: 2 Pulpwood cars

So there it is, I'd like to hear what you think. If you see a potential problem with this plan, please let me know before I start laying track. Your thoughts are welcome!  

1 comment:

  1. Hi Matt
    Given the amount of work to be performed on the industries here a siding on the main would serve them all better. Also don't understand why a run around track is needed for the cement plant. W/o that Xover there would be more car capacity for empties & loads.
    Andy Jackson
    Bellflower CA